Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fire Island Wireless better than DSL?

We provide higher bandwidth, both down and up. Up to 3 Megabits each way. If you have to send large files from your computer, this is a big advantage especially for people that work in the marketing or graphics industry. 

Why do I need an antenna on my house?

The small antenna on your system's Wi-Fi card may not be powerful enough to send back signals to our base stations, even though it can hear the signals coming from the stations.  In this case, you will need a high power outdoorWiFi radio (CPE) that we install on your building pointing towards our base station. The size of the unit is less than 12" x 3" and we would need to run a cable from the unit on the roof to a indoor device located in your building.

Where are the hot zones?

Kismet, Saltaire, Fair Harbor. Other areas coming soon! Turn your devices WiFi on and look for the networks "FIWISPSALT" "FIWISPFH" or "Fire Island Wireless"