Internet Access Charges
Service Length *
Service Price **
Yearly Service
Start Date + 364 Days
$299.88 per year (.82 per day)
Seasonal Service
5 months from time of first login
$200.00 ($1.33 per day!)
Monthly Service
Start Date + Following 30 Days
$59.99 per month ($1.94 per day)
Weekly Service
Start Date + Following 6 Days
$39.99 per week ($5.71 per day)
48 Hour Service
48-Hour Period
$19.99 per 48-hour period ($9.99 per day)
Daily Access

24-Hour Period

$11.95 per day


If you cannot reliably access our main "FIWISP..." WiFi network, we can install a subscriber unit and wireless network inside your home so that you are never without service. Installation fee is $399.99**(includes equipment and labor).  Access point is an additional $99.99 **

* Service ends at the end of your service length.   Up to 10 devices can be connected simultaneously per account.

Connect to our WiFi network to purchase service while in range, or you can pay below using PayPal. Be sure to enter your desired username and password when asked for.
Note: This service is not suitable for streaming or online gaming.

We offer an enhanced internet service as well for $349.99** for yearly service
Web update coming soon!

Service Plans