In Search Of God, Science, Faith, and Spirit

Science and religion are normally treated the same way as oil and water. They don’t mix. We have been led to believe they cannot mix because religion can be subjective fundamental perception, while science can be objective verifiable phenomenon. The following paragraphs will describe a method I developed to combine science and religion. This includes describing the notion that God is sensible and valuable, provided we accept it as an integral part of us. It may seem difficult to believe that a wise old gentleman or woman in heaven is keeping an eye on everything. However, scientists cannot ignore the extraordinary intelligence and consciousness that exist in every day life, in nature and in us. It is being a scientist that makes us spiritual. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on

Our intellect has been fascinated for hundreds of year by questions about God and hell, heaven and rebirth. Does God/She really exist? We look for God because we have to. Is it possible for religions to have faith in the same God as one another? Why is there a spiritual war? Is heaven or hell a real place? Was this our previous life? What is our future everyday living like? Is this the same as our previous lifestyle?

Since hundreds of years ago, religions and prophets have preached about God, hell, heaven, and millions of people have believed in these concepts. Many have had to reconsider the core beliefs and doctrines of their religions because of the advances in science and technology. Should we be confident in the development of technology or should we trust in evolution? Do we need to have faith in God’s court docket and heaven? Or can we just trust the room, the planets, and the galaxies high up? I hope that this information will provide you with a fresh insight into the mysteries of God and hell and heaven.

Just what exactly is God?

Humans would find their greatest discovery in the philosophy of faith or institute of God. God isn’t a bodily entity. It is a state of thought. God is the Electromagnetic pulse energy that gives life and existence to all. The component of God that we call our conscious/soul is what we call. Great prophets and religious scriptures have stated that God is almost everywhere (omnipresent). God is present everywhere our intellect and spirit are, regardless of where we go. Bernie Siegel (creator and author of Love, Drugs & Miracles), explains in great detail: “God resides inside each of you.” In other words, God exists within each person. The poor, rich, subject, atheist, sinner, and the atheist are all God’s subjects. This is consistent in the belief of Christians: “We are ideas from God!” The divine intellect is where ideas come from. Only humans (Homo sapiens), a species of animals, are able to experience the presence and power of spirit in their heads. Realizing that spirit is what leads to spiritual living, or the realization of God, is what we do. Completely illuminated people know God is there in the most fundamental and central part of their soul. God doesn’t exist outside of the world. God will be the whole world. Theoretically, God is a State of Mind; OR It is our brain, which IS God! OR God is actually a spirit/conscious electric that exists in every one of us! If you are still confused, don’t worry! Keep reading!

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