Is Xiao able to fall in love with another?

xiao falls for just like you can skydive with no parachute. It’s thrilling, nerve-wracking, and dangerous all at once. xiao is in love with his first love. His love is both fleeting and too overwhelming at the same moment. He hides his praises with harsh words, his anxiety under his annoyance, his love beneath the many walls he built to protect himself from mortal vices. But, he realizes that he is falling for you. Click this link

He realizes that he is in love with your when you slap him following an argument. His eyes are filled with worried tears. He realizes that he has fallen in love with you when he starts to speak in worried words and clean his blood, while also exchanging words of love in whispered whispers and the smell of qingxin or medicine.

diluc falls for like waiting to see winter. It is painfully slow and excruciatingly slow. He falls in love with you like a snowflake from the heavens. He falls in love with your in fleeting touches and shy smiles. He falls in love with you through worried touches and his hand reaching for your neck when you are facing an enemy.

He will realize he is in love with you when you tenderly wrap his wounds and show concern while lovingly reprimanding him for not realizing his limitations. He will realize he is in love when you play gently with his hair, allowing the protector of mondstadt to relax.

childe falls for surfing in the high waves of the sea. It’s thrilling, exciting, and even dangerous. Childe falling in love is a combination of hands being thrown over your shoulders, playful banters, and his dull eyes getting back some of the light that he lost. He is not only insecure, but he vows to protect you from all dangers.

He realizes that he is in love with you when he sees your caring for his younger relatives. Your eyes sparkled and your smile was soft but teasing as your fingers poked at your niece’s forehead. With a baited breathe, he realizes that he wants to start a family with his niece.

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