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The Perfect HD TV For Your Needs

All consumers who have recently purchased an LED TV or sought TV deals had to confront the same question: Should a plasma TV be bought or an LCD? The truth is that it’s not always as easy as we might like. The LCD TV vs. plasma TV debate seems to cause polarization, much like politics and religion. This non-partisan comparison of the two technologies is intended to assist you. Plasmas and LCDs might look similar to other flat screen TVs, but there are key differences in their screen technologies. One, plasma TVs can produce blacks with greater precision than LCD TVs. This creates a better contrast in dark scenes, making plasma a more appealing option for many home theatre enthusiasts. LCD has the edge in terms pure picture quality, making it attractive to gamers and sports enthusiasts we mount your tvs.

Each of these technologies are improving significantly with each subsequent generation. A plasma TV is also a similar quality, but the average consumer will not notice the difference in contrast. The viewing angle is one advantage plasma has over LCD. While you can get LCDs with excellent viewing angles, plasma offers the best. Also, LCDs offer a number of advantages. LCDs tend to be less expensive than those at the higher end, unless they are being used for their high-end features. Because of the greater pixel count, an LCD TV can provide better picture quality for a comparable screen size. LCD TVs are lighter, so they are easier to mount. Due to their low power consumption, LCD televisions are more environmentally-friendly.

Let’s look at some of these myths. Plasma TVs are more durable than LCD TVs. This used to be true but it has become less common. No matter what TV you purchase, your new TV will be able to last at least seven decades. You may have heard that plasma screens are susceptible to images being burned in. It is still true that images can burn-in to a plasma screen, but it is exaggerated. Modern plasma TVs are much less susceptible to this. When they do burn in, it fades and doesn’t leave a permanent mark. It is important to decide which value is best. Plasma TVs are limited in size due to technology limitations. We recommend that you go LCD if your TV is smaller than 50 inches. Plasma offers a greater value than TVs with smaller screens. Daytime TV enthusiasts should be aware that LCD screens are less glare-resistant than traditional TVs. Therefore, it is essential to choose a plasma TV with an anti-reflective finish. This feature is included free of charge by premium brands at 50-inch prices and higher.