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Select the Right Tool to Record Screen

Good question. It is something I have seen on many answer and question sites. This would pose a problem for beginners. Some computer geeks, however, may have to create software demonstrations for their operations. They don’t know what software they need. You can find a complete solution to any situation in this article. If you need a screen recorder that is easy to use and free but can help you record screen in a nice and full-featured way, you need to check on screen recorder windows 10 free download

Why record screen actions?

If you’re looking for flash movies, videos of your favorite people, or software tricks that are great, and don’t know what to do with them, it could be that you can’t figure out how to present your actions. You play a particular game or discover game tricks/secrets and want your web play to be visible. You are trying explain a computer problem or teaching software skills to a technical friend. Your friend is having trouble understanding what you are trying to describe and is unsure of the appropriate terms.

You need to have a tool that will help you display what you see. Screen recording tools can help you realize it.

Make sure you choose the right tool

Record video

Video recorder is needed to record video on a computer. Many screen recorders claim they can record or turn screen recordings into video, but only software specifically designed for recording video can create high quality videos (sometimes even flash movies). Usually, the output file is quite large. For example, a 1-minute 640*480 video clip can easily reach 200MB. A video converter is required to convert the AVI film to a smaller format, such MP4, WMV, and so forth. A few advanced screen recording tools can produce extremely compressed videos (a short 692*368-video clip is approximately 10MB). These include Applian Technologies’ Replay A/V, ZDsoft’s video recorder and ZDsoft. In June I will publish a review of video recorders.

Record all actions on the screen

This is very different to recording video. Your actions are only recorded on the screen. All screen recording tools are capable of this. Capture tools have two options for recording. The first is capture specified frame per second. The other captures only the actions you take on screen. The first method will usually produce a larger file, but retains more details. Click and drag to make an instant change. Most demo creation tools employ the second capture method. However, some others can support both. Demo creation tool is a term for many of these recording tools. These tools are used to create software demos, tutorials, or simulations. To create an instructional movie, you can edit the screenshots that are captured with these tools. You can also add narrations and annotations to your demos. Some even allow you to create scenario-based simulacrums using Adobe Captivate. Tanida DemoBuilder, Wondershare DemoCreator and Tanida DemoBuilder. DemoCreator is what i want to emphasize here. It’s an entry-level tool in this field but it does a great job. I am impressed by its intuitive interface, and the quality of the captured images. Flash Demo Builder. ViewletBuilder. TurboDemo. Instant Demo. Wink. It’s free. SWF Demo Maker.

Record game

Tools use the first available capture method. But, because playing games consume so much system resources, it may cause the captured video to become slow if the capture tools uses too many system resources. I recommend tools to record games, such as fraps, ZDSoft game recorder. Fraps hosts game recording samples online.