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How to Recover from Disease and Sickness

Because it is so close to our hearts, healing Renew Wellness Recovery and sickness can sometimes be a delicate topic. As such, we all have a natural tendency to be skeptical about alternate views and ideas concerning health, well-being, and everything to do about sickness and diseases in general.

I’ve received some feedback on my previous articles, particularly the one titled “You Are Not What You Eat” in which people expressed their belief that my approach is about mind and not matter. I also believe that you can use the power to your mind to heal all kinds of things. It could be read and interpreted in that manner on the surface. But, it isn’t. This article will help to clarify these points and give more insight into previous articles.

As stated in my previous articles my approach teaches us that illness and death are not our enemies, but our friends. It is all about how you perceive it. The way someone perceives illness is that they see it as a nuisance, or a foreign intruder trying to harm them. However, perception is everything.

Our brains have been programmed from a young age to see illness and disease only as an external entity, separate from us. I, along with many others, suggest that our health, or lack thereof, has more to do internal factors. Factors within us. This might seem too obvious, but I have found it to be incredibly liberating to know that I have more power over my health than being completely dependent on external factors.