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Feather Flags & Banners

These are my favourite banners and I hope you’ll see why once you read on visit us. They are the banners you see at sporting events and festivals. They are typically made of lightweight material-type fabrics and attached to a specific frame in a specific design shape…such as a teardrop, sail or other. They are typically anchored to the ground with a steel spike, and can move gracefully in the wind. They are often brightly colored, and they shine in the sunlight. If there are many of them, it will draw the attention of all those watching the event and anyone who is nearby.

They are made from polyester material and aluminum framework. A metal spike is used to keep them in the ground. The carrying case, which is often made of nylon lightweight, comes with them. You can customize these banners and feather flags to suit your needs. Digitally rendered designs allow for endless possibilities. Only your imagination and the skills of the banner company’s design department will limit the options.

These feather flags or banners can be shaped as sails on ships, which is called a Sail Flag. Or they can be made as Ariel flags that change direction with wind. The teardrop style can also be used as a multi-function flag, so it can be seen from both sides. These flags can withstand winds up to 13 to 18 mph. Knitted polyester fabric is used, making it stronger than woven polyester. The multi-functional feather flag uses a telescoping metal pole and an aluminum stand to anchor it to the ground.