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How to organize your wires in the server cabinet

Servers, switches, battery back power strips, miscellaneous equipment, and a lot of cables will all be found in the server cabinet unique gifting. Most servers will be mounted on sliding rack mounts. If you want to access components, you will need to figure out how to connect them in a way that allows you to remove the 1U server. You can use clips, twisty ties or Velcro to do this.

Depending on how many wires are being used, the clips may or not be sufficient. They are best used when bundling cables from servers that may have one to four Ethernet cables. These ethernet cables should be removed from the end and added to the bundle.

Velcro ties are notorious for causing glue to stop working overtime, and Velcro to split.

While they might seem inexpensive and not very practical, twisty ties can be extremely useful and versatile. They are also reusable and neat.

An open slit is a good way to attach the hose along the cabinet side where the cables are running up and then down to reach the servers. You can make holes in the pipe to attach the hose. This will allow you to thread the zip ties through these holes while leaving the slit open. This will stop you zip tying over your hose opening.